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IR Cut Filters

IR Cut Filters

Our IR cut filters feature an infrared absorption layer formed by spin coating an infrared absorption liquid on an IR substrate. The high infrared absorption qualities of the infrared absorption layer offer optical characteristics equal to or greater than those of blue glass filters.



Our semiconductor dicing technology has been honed over many years and provides us with the knowledge and skills to cut a variety of materials including silicon, glass substrates (coating glass and blue glass), and quartz.



We also offer many other services, including using ROM writers to write all kinds of memory, small part taping, and assembly of parts and products.

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TAMA Electronics began as a test business in 1979, serving as a production base for the Oki Electric Semiconductor Group. Since then, we have established an impressive production track record, advanced technologies, and technical knowledge and skills in a wide variety of fields, such as chip machining, final memory testing, and WCSP product assembly. We continue to prioritize quality, cost, and speed as we continuously increase our knowledge and skills, so that we can flexibly respond to the ever more advanced and diverse needs of our customers.


TAMA Electronics continues to release industry news, bits of knowledge, and other information that should come in handy with your work.
  • 2021/10/06
    Ranked in the global top 10
  • 2017/03/30
    MEMS dicing: Surface protection dicing
  • 2017/03/30
    Development of an ultra-thin IR cut filter: BAG (Blue Absorbing Glass) filters

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Takuro Yonemaru has been appointed as our company New President.
Takuro Yonemaru was appointed to replace Yasuhisa Watanabe as New President with the approval of the general meeting of shareholders on June 30.

We are determined to devote ourselves to the development of our business for the customers.
We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.
4th Optical Thin Film Fair 2017
Date : 14th Nov until 16th 2017
Venue : Science Museum, Tokyo
The website has been renewed
We are committed to filling our website with information that will be of use to everyone.
Thank you for attending "Optical Thin Film Fair 2016"
We would like to thank the many people who attended "Optical Thin Film Fair 2016," held from Nov. 15 through Nov. 17, 2016 in the Tokyo Science Museum. Our exhibit this year was devoted to introducing "BAG filters," our 0.1 mm thin glass type absorption type filters. Over the course of the three-day event, we had the opportunity to hear questions, suggestions on applications, and much more from the many attendees. Overall, it was a great chance to reconsider how our products and machining technologies can be of use to our customers. Once again, thank you all for visiting our booth during such a busy time of the year!
TAMA Electronics was mentioned in an online article by Clearleaf Soken Co., Ltd.
On Sept. 21, 2016, we were mentioned in an online article by Clearleaf Soken Co., Ltd.

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