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Message from the President

At TAMA Electronics, we have continued to focus our business on contract machining for semiconductor assembly in the Tama region in Tokyo, since we were founded nearly 40 years ago. Based on our key dicing technology, we began accepting contract machining work for optical parts in the 2000s and transformed into a parts machining contract manufacturer that handles everything from electronics to optical devices. In 2014, we successfully developed the world's thinnest IR cut filter as an original TAMA Electronics product, and we continue to expand our business not only as a contract machining company, but as an electronics and optical parts manufacturer with our own line of products. We are here today thanks to your supporting our stance toward rapidly challenging new business fields and our business stance of flexibly responding to your requests. We will continue to focus all of our efforts on satisfying our customers and on carefully planning how we manage our businesses. We hope that we will continue to enjoy your trust and support.

Company Overview

Trade name TAMA Electronics Co., Ltd. (changed on June 11, 2009)
Location [HQ]
4-8-3, Nakanokami-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
TEL: 042 (625) 9681 (reception desk)
FAX: 042 (625) 6598

December 2016: TAMA Electronics Product Co., Ltd.
October 2017: Business transfer by spin-off
November 2017: Name changed to TAMA Electronics Co., Ltd.

Capital 10 million yen
Executives Takuro Yonemaru, President
Yasuhisa Watanabe, Director
Shuji Yasui, Director
Masaharu Kawamura, Director
Akinobu Inoue, Auditor
Services Dicing (silicon/glass/ceramic/crystal/other compound materials)
Design, manufacturing, and sales of optical filters including evaporation-coated/thin film/film treated IR cut filters and BAG filters
* BAG: Blue Absorbing Glass
Semiconductor integrated circuit chip selection (lineup/appearance selection)
ROM writing (flash memory/microcomputers/OTPs/PLDs/DSPs)
Taping services (tape reel storage)
Packaging method modification (tray-to-tape reel/stick-to-tape reel/partitioned packaging, etc.)
Appearance selection (integrated-circuits/optical filters/other electronic components)
Equipment manufacturing contracting (manufacturing contracting/production line contracting)
Sales 2017 FY: 356 million yen(6 months)
2018 FY: 762 million yen
2019 FY: 742 million yen
2020 FY: 811 million yen
2021 FY: 902 million yen
2022 FY: 1,027 million yen
Number of employees 90 (as of July 1, 2023)
Major clients KYOCERA Corporation
MTC Co., Ltd.
MCM Japan Ltd.
Ryosan Company, Limited
Bsize Inc.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Matsunami Glass Ind.,Ltd.
Asahi Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.
Toki Commercial Co., Ltd.
Major suppliers LINTEC Corporation
Asahi Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.
Banks of account Resona Bank, Hachioji Branch
Mizuho Bank, Hachioji Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Hachioji Branch
Certifications ISO9001 (quality management system): Certified in May 2010 (optical filters)

Sony Green Partner: Certified in August 25, 2009


<Before spin-off>
Dec. 1979 Founded as Nichiei Denshi Co., Ltd.; launched IC characteristic selection business
March 1990 Capital increased to 80 million yen
April 1990 Name changed to TAMA Okidenki Co., Ltd.
July 1990 Completed construction of new plant; launched IC probing business
Oct. 1993 Launched linear testing business
Aug. 1995 Launched logic testing business
Dec. 1997 Launched DRAM testing business
Oct. 2002 Launched optical glass business
Oct. 2004 Launched optical parts cleaning business and vehicle-mounted impact sensor assembly business
Nov. 2008 Name changed to OKI Semiconductor TAMA Co., Ltd. due to M&A
June 2009 Name changed to TAMA Electronics Co., Ltd. due to MBO
May 2010 Reacquired ISO9001 (quality system) certification
June 2014 Installed new evaporation coating line; launched evaporation coating/thin film/film treatment business
April 2015 Began designing, manufacturing, and selling IR cut filters (BAG filters)
Dec. 2015 Installed new thick material slicing line
Oct. 2016 Spin-off TME Future Co., Ltd.
April 2017 Spin-off TME NEXT Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2017 Business transfer by Spin-off

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