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Privacy Policy

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The following explains for what purposes TAMA Electronics Co., Ltd. ("TAMA Electronics" below) uses its customers' information ("personal information" below). TAMA Electronics intends to continue to provide useful information to our customers. We are aware of the importance of handling customer information, so we strictly follow personal information protection laws and regulations and are committed to handling personal information appropriately.

Applicable Scope of Privacy Policy

TAMA Electronics obtains personal information for the following reasons. If we obtain information for any purpose not defined here, we will disclose the purpose of use prior to obtaining your personal information.

  • To contact users with provided information or on related activities.
  • To verify and screen the identity of users.
  • To statistically aggregate and analyze personal information, and to create statistical data that has been processed so as not to allow individuals to be discerned or identified.

Appropriate Acquisition

TAMA Electronics will never acquire the personal information of users through falsification or other illegal means. TAMA Electronics will only use the personal information of users within the scope defined under the purpose of use.

Provision to Third Parties

TAMA Electronics will never provide personal information to third parties, except in the following cases.

  • When providing information to companies or organizations that have already obtained consent from users.
  • When required by law.
  • When required to protect human life, health, or assets, and obtaining consent from users would be difficult.
  • When specifically required to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children, and obtaining consent from users would be difficult.
  • When required to cooperate with legally defined duties by a government agency, local public agency, or other organization under contract from either, and obtaining consent from users could impair the execution of said duties.

Secure Management

TAMA Electronics will take required and appropriate measures to prevent the leak, loss, or damage of handled personal information, and will otherwise manage said information securely.


TAMA Electronics may revise its privacy policy as laws and regulations are modified, in order to protect the personal information of users. Notification will be provided on the website if any revisions are made.